Old Towne Orange Historic District
Orange County, California

Founded in 2018 by Jeremy Schuler, The Build Collective is a group of strategists, designers, and developers who design and handcraft websites. Our focus on web design is leveraged in content strategy and utilizes platforms like WordPress and Shopify in order to streamline content management.

Based on years of experience freelancing and working in-house with agencies, design shops, and startups our process is collaborative every step of the way. Nothing we do is without reason. As a result, we have created a process that is seamless and agile throughout discovery, planning, design, development and execution.

Meet the Team

Jeremy Schuler

Designer, Developer

Paul Lumsdaine

Content Strategist, UX Consultant

Javier Rodriguez

Brand Designer, Consultant

Russ Voisan

Full Stack Developer

Kenley Tiesmeyer

Art Director, Designer

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